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In order to ensure an awesome play time on the server, you accept the following rules when joining it. If you do not obey them, you may be kicked or receive a temporary or permanent ban.

General rules

Voice and text chat


Advertising is not allowed in any way.

ArmA 3 server rules

Gameplay / Teamplay

  1. Stealing assets from other teammates is prohibited, communicate with your teammates to figure out what gear you can share to better play together
  2. Team-Killing is not allowed

Using of admin/vote commands

The server is configured to allow the online players to moderate the server by themself. You can therefore use the vote kick command to kick a player given 60% of all players on the server agree with the kick vote (meaning: vote kick as well). Also, an online player can be voted in as an admin by other players, requiring 50% of players to agree with the choosen admin. The vote in admin can issue kick and restart commands without adhering to the vote threashold.

Kick other players to use the server for your own group (Private session)

The kick command is generally not meant to get you a private session on the server for your group. However, if your group has at least 3 players and you want to play with them only, you are allowed to kick other players. If possible, please give them a shot message in the text chat before kicking (this is, however, not a requirement, given it is an unacceptable burden in a combat scenario, e.g.).

If you wish to make such a private event more often, please come talk to us in our discord.

DayZ server rules

Trader rules

Base rules